New ACCA survey finds young professionals seek rapid career change, promotion

807 days ago
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According to a new survey from The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), a majority of young finance professionals around the world expect a new job or promotion in the next two years.

Dubbed Generation Next, the survey polled approximately 19,000 professionals, all under 36 years old, from 150 countries to better examine the current desires and aspirations of finance professionals.

The report reveals that nearly 70% of those polled are actively looking to change their current jobs in the next two years, with another 67% seeking a promotion.

“Generation Next is ‘generation now’ when it comes to mobility,” stated Helen Brand, chief executive of ACCA. “There is no doubt that the “job for life” is less prevalent within the modern world and employers who don’t deliver on their high expectations risk hemorrhaging their best talent to competitors, both at home and abroad. If employers want to keep hold of their talent, then they need to ensure career planning packages are available, from learning and development to talent-spotting initiatives.”

ACCA young professionals

The survey found that young professionals were more willing to stay in their current positions if they were offered to learn and develop their skills (88%), career progression opportunities (88%), or a competitive pay (87%). A significant 81% of respondents also stated their desires to start their own business in the future, with 10% looking to do so as the next chapter in their careers.

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